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Making Millions the Easy Way

Playing a game of chance takes on a more complex turn when a group of American science students raked in millions of dollars hopping from one casino after another during the mid-90s. Nothing seemed suspect at first but as it turned out, the students are math geniuses from the prestigious college of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Math professor, Edward Thorp, headed the group and the idea behind their outing was to use their skills to beat the system using a special technique they developed aptly called, counting.

The students would play rounds of blackjack, secretly counting the cards that were opened during the previous hands in order to predict who would wind the succeeding hands. The group won millions of dollars that it raised suspicion and what followed are a series of court battles between the MIT kids and the casino owners. The students involved in the scam vehemently deny all accusations, claiming that counting is not an illegal practice.

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