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Lego is a line of construction set toys that are brought to us by the The Lego Group, based in Billund, Denmark. These colourful plastic bricks, minifigures and gears all make-up the line of popular toys. Not only is this very popular with children, but a lot of adults also enjoy and buy these. The Lego bricks can be assembles together to create a lot of different things, robots, vehicles, building, trees and so much more.

National Geographic Megafactories presents their LEGO special wherein they go and visit the Lego Factory in Denmark. They tag us along as they take a fun and exciting VIP tour around the factory to show us the different things inside. They also show us the processes involved in the production. We also get to take a peek at the design team where they come up with all the different gimmicks, schemes and themes for their different Lego lines.

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