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Cutting Edge: The Child Sex Trade

This documentary film written and directed by Liviu Tipurita delves into the dark world of child sex trade. He gets the idea to this film after returning to Romania, his homeland. He has been hearing a lot of stories regarding the notable rise in the number of child trafficking cases. After arriving home, he meets an old friend of his, Laurentiu. Laurentiu is a 15 year-old street kid who has been selling himself since he was 12. He brings Liviu to meet other street kids like himself. The members of Laurentiu’s group include kids as young as 11 year-olds who have already begun selling themselves to foreign pedophiles.

Cutting Edge: The Child Sex Trade follows Liviu as he goes through Europe, investigating the rampancy of this ongoing sex trade. From fathers pimping their own children to children being sold, this documentary will open your eyes to the harsh reality that’s going on today.

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