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6 Days In The Dark

The French occupation of Morocco was riddled with anomalous activities, many of which very much exploitive in nature. Such was the conditions of the mines in Morocco where control of mining operations were prioritized in favor of French companies. In fact, although Morocco officially garnered independence from France in 1956, this was under the grounds of a very economically impeding provision (for Morocco). Independence was to be given to Morocco for as long as a majority of France’s companies are allowed to keep its operations active in Morocco. This is among other absurd requisites all of which were tailored towards the benefit of France. In the eighties when the inevitable depletion of the mines was actualized, the French companies basically left their former employees to fend for themselves. Having been essentially left for dead by their former benefactors, many former workers for the French companies turned to the other side of the law and continued their operation.

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