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Wegmans Cruelty

Considered as one of the biggest supermarket companies in the US, Wegmans Food Market Inc. started out as a turn of the century family business into a global brand with 68 branches scattered in various parts of the country, including New York and Virginia. The company has reached a milestone when it landed the top spot as the best company to work for by Fortune Magazine.

But despite its massive popularity and droves of fans, Wegmans Food Market Inc. became embroiled in numerous animal cruelty cases. Allegedly, the company has been abusing chickens at the Wegmans Egg Farm. Concerned citizens developed a 30-minute documentary detailing the shocking living conditions of the animals at the Wegmans Egg Farm. The video features interviews from the investigative team as well as selected Wegmans personnel. It also includes some horrid footage of how the chickens live in the battery cage facility of the egg farm. Wegmans Cruelty aims to help the consumers to see what it takes so they can buy chicken eggs for their homes. The film’s creators requested a dialogue with Wegmans reps but were dismissed without any explanation.

Despite these successes, Wegmans is now at the center of criticism. They are being accused of mistreating and abusing their treatment of the chickens at Wegmans Egg Farm. A small group of concerned citizens came up with this short documentary to give us the truth about the conditions of their egg farm. They asked for a dialogue with representatives from Wegmans and were dismissed without any explanation.

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