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Undercover: Operation Harvest King

And they say that espionage and betrayal only belong to fictional action-packed spy movies, when in fact, it has been happening right under our noses! And the documentary “Operation Harvest King” just proves it. It offers unbelieving viewers a glimpse into the deceptive corporate world, showing all the dirty little secrets that consumers ought to know about. Re-enacting how Mark Whitacre, big-time executive at a Fortune 500 company called Archer Daniels Midland (ADM), acts as an inside man for the FBI to uncover one of the greatest price-fixing schemes in the history of the United States. He does this for three years and is successful at helping the FBI in taking down ADM. But as a result, he ends up going down with them. It is an intriguing cocktail of conspiracy, deception, betrayal and madness that so few dare to believe are true-to-life events.

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