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The Day of the Dollar

There have been a number of questions raised by worried economic experts regarding the future of the dollar. With all the lingering debts of the American economy, will it be possible for the dollar to remain to endure or will it take a plunge taking us all with it? Have we all been overestimating the power of the dollar? Is history repeating itself?

The Day of the Dollar is a documentary film that attempts to shed some light on this troubling issue. We are presented by multiple what if scenarios by the Dutch national paper NRC Handelsblad and the VPRO Backlight. With these fictional scenarios, we get a clearer picture of the possible outcomes and situations that may arise from this possible fall in American economy.

With the help of various experts, we get to follow the various results of economy all over the world on an hourly basis. Plus, there are exclusive interviews with analysts Andy Xie, Maarten Schinkel and many more.

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