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The Dark Side of Chocolate

There are plenty of underground dealings that are occurring without consumer knowledge. It would even surprise most of you to know that some of the most loved and used commodities that we enjoy are products of human trafficking and forced labor.

Consumers all over the world were shocked in 2001 when an exposé about the child labor, trafficking, slavery and abuse that occurred in the cocoa farms located in the Ivory Coast of Africa. This issue reached the House of Representatives and all the commotion and negative publicity has started to take its toll on the chocolate industry. Because of this, in 2005 they have reached a compromise to finally put an end to child labor by that year. But then, the chocolate industry was unable to meet this deadline so they were given a leeway to do so before 2008. When 2008 came, still no change to the system.

The Dark Side of Chocolate takes us on an exclusive investigation to find out the real scoop as to what’s actually happening down at Ivory Coast.

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