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The Ascent of Money

“The Ascent of Money” is a six-part documentary film which tries to trace back the origins of the world’s financial system. The film attempts to find common ground between all major events in the financial history and determine how they are intertwined.

Hosted by professor Niall Ferguson, the film reveals how the concept of credit and debit cards were first developed and determine how despite its risks, people continuously apply for credit cards even with the lack of knowledge about the drawbacks of owning money to credit institutions. Ferguson then defines the strong impact of bonds in the past especially during wars. He cites the Rothschilds who gained their wealth through the bonds market in the 19th century.

Another installment of Ascent of Money the documentary takes viewers to the early days of the stock market in Paris and Amsterdam. Ferguson explains the differences in the fall of the stock market throughout history and provides a few tips about proper investment.

The succeeding episodes highlights the history of modern day financial system and the processes developed in order to improve the system. Ferguson makes a subtle plea to the government and its agencies to help in alleviating the financial suffering of the society.

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