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Secrets of the Superbrands

“Secrets of the Superbrands” is a 3-part video series that exposes how clever marketing from global brands have gained manipulated and changed the world beyond our purchasing behavior. The film, which is hosted by BBC representative, Alex Riley, takes viewers on a journey of commercialism and brand consciousness which has shaped our society. Riley adamantly denies patronizing a particular brand but a tour to his home tells otherwise. The host seems to favor gadgets and gears made by globally renowned brands like Adidas and Nokia.

Alex Riley is joined by marketing experts, social experts, and psychologists to provide some facts and conclusive evidence about the true effects of advertising to consumers. Riley visits the prime companies who make the latest gadgets and technological devices and even shares what new products we should expect in the future. He then goes to check how the biggest fashion brands are able to convince people to hundreds of pounds on designer dresses and bags. Finally, Riley takes viewers to prominent food and beverage manufactures to learn how their marketing techniques resonated so much with the public that consumers cannot help but to patronize their products.

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