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Richie Rich gets Richer

“Richie Rich Gets Richer” is a documentary that shows the growing gap between the rich and the poor. Countries like Spain and Greece are dealing with ongoing debt crisis, leading to slumped economy and hundreds of citizens being laid off. However, despite the recession, certain companies are still raking in billions of dollars. Organizations like Rolls Royce, a global luxury automotives companies, claims to have achieved remarkably high sales during their 100-year history. Further proof that the rich are getting even richer is that most wealthy people reports to have grown their fortune to as much as 6% each year from 2009.

Today, third world countries are not the only places where homelessness and joblessness are major concerns. Developed countries like the US, UK and Europe has seen massive changes in their economic state. Worse, there is also a growing concern about the ambiguities of the tax laws that wealthy people need to follow. There are those who give to charities or foundations in order to escape paying too much tax.

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