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Quants: The Alchemists of Wall Street

Who knew being almost supernaturally good in numbers could lead to a life of crime? Some math geniuses are choosing to make profits off their skills. In casinos, several people are able to employ the “counting system” to win successive hands in a game of blackjack. Math experts have also found ways to use their skills in financial institutions such as Wall Street.

“Quant” is a moniker used for the quantitative analysts who excel in the application of mathematic processes to financial and risk management problems. Quants: The Alchemist of Wallstreet features notable math geniuses who found ways to control billions of dollars by combining their knowledge in math and computer programming. Unfortunately, there came a point when their acts almost caused the downfall of Wall Street.

In May 2010, there was a “Flash Crash” where prices suffered great fluctuations because of quantitative high-frequency trading systems. And this was one of the possible reasons for the global economy meltdown which has profoundly affected the country. The film gives viewers a glimpse at the extraordinary individuals who us numbers to gain control over the economy and how their incredible ability brought the Wall Street to its knees.

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