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Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis

Could there be anything more dangerous than trying to cover up a mistake with an even bigger one? This is exactly what ‘Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis’ is trying to expose. A faulty economic proposition created by the government has set the stage for the current collapse of the system that many people are suffering from. But this predicament is only now just a mere preview of what is soon to be an even bigger financial disaster in the tainted history of the U.S. This tell-tale documentary offers a glimpse into the background of why the financial crisis broke out in the first place and describes how the current ‘solutions’ being offered by the government are furthering the problem to greater depths. Ironically, it features several interviews with the people who actually saw it coming – Nobel laureate Vernon Smith and former US Comptroller General David Walker. No one was bold enough to believe them at that time, but even these people couldn’t possibly take pride in being right because the looming disaster is not one that the world looks forward to.

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