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Not for Sale

The Monsanto Company is a chemical and agricultural biotechnology corporation that is the leading producer and distributor of genetically engineered herbicide glyphosate and seeds. They were among the first companies to create a genetically modified plant cell and conduct field trials of genetically modified crops.

The Microsoft Corporation is one of the leading computer software companies around the world. Aside from software, they also provide consumer electronics and personal computers. Among its most used products are the Microsoft Windows series of operating systems, the Internet Explorer web browser, the Microsoft Office suite, the Xbox gaming console and the Microsoft Surface tablet series.

The McDonald’s Corporation continues to hold the title of being the world’s largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants. With branches in over 119 countries and serving around 68 million people daily, it is an undeniable that the McDonald’s brand is one of the largest today.

These three companies are only but a few of the number of businesses that people are growing increasingly attached to. Not For Sale is a documentary that explores the truth about Globalization and how it’s happening right under our noses.

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