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If Drugs Were Legal

Will the world be a better place when drugs are no longer illegal? The “If Drugs Were Legal” is a documentary that goes deep into the controversial issue of legalizing drugs in the country. Several states in the country has already legalized cannabis and heroin for medical purposes. Some experts contend that the legalization of drugs can actually lead to the reduction of crime. They also claim that the proper regulation of these substances can help in the treatment of numerous diseases such as cancer.

Now imagine a time when drugs can be freely accessed by the public. Set in 2015, the film features an agency named Ofdrug, a company established to regulate the drug industry while keeping cocaine illegal. An Ofdrug agent who works with an ex-drugs police officer investigates the death of two girls in a club that is permitted to sell drugs. Experts then discuss the crime as they weigh in the advantages and disadvantages of legalizing drugs.

This film is based on various facts and interviews about contrasting opinions regarding the legalization of illegal substances. It also takes on the arguments why crack cocaine must remain illegal everywhere and the process of how drugs can be controlled.

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