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Oil makes the world go round, or so we are made to think. Gashole, a provocative documentary narrated by Peter Gallagher, reveals the untold history of how America went from top oil manufacturer down to a consumer at the mercy of foreign oil companies who have managed to dictate the terms in which oil is brought into and supplied across the country. Illuminating the prospects of deceit in the industry as the debate of increasing fuel prices is continuously bounced back and forth. It is enough to make any consumer question: Is there really a lack of supply to truly cause the hike in prices? These giants in the oil industry will never tell.

But there is a light at the end of the tunnel. There must be a way to undermine the power that petroleum fuel has over the nation – alternative energy resources. We might think that this technology is too farfetched to be even considered at this time, but is it really? Or have the industry giants, along with some government alliances managed to bury the truth?

Dive into the dangerously intriguing report offered through Gashole. Listen in closely to the concealed messages of those on top of the game, be they in authoritative government positions or the companies themselves. Hear the cries of those struggling to develop the acceptance of alternatives for this power-hungry economy. Will there ever be a clear solution?

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