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Fighting Trump

James Trosh manages to pull off something not many graduating Television Production students would dare submit as their final piece – create a documentary centred on one of the most famous and infamous billionaires in the world, Donald Trump. In the daring short film entitled ‘Fighting Trump’ that he personally directs and presents, he travels all the way to the Menie Estate in Aberdeenshire, Scotland where Donald Trump is developing a large world-class golf course. In the process of development, some unhappy residents have begrudged Mr. Trump for maneuvering his way into their land by making it rather inconvenient for them after they refused to sell out their land to him. As Josh interviews three of these people who are affected and narrates their predicament in the documentary, they are given the perfect opportunity to speak out and be heard. In this story lies, a David versus Goliath battle that proves that even small pebbles against a giant bully can have a great impact.

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