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Dispatches: The Great Green Smoke Screen

This documentary film by Channel 4 News follows Science Correspondent Tom Clarke as he attempts to unravel the so-called solutions to the present climate crisis. We follows Clarke as he looks into these solutions, from carbon off-setting, tree-planting projects in the UK to green energy tariffs and pig manure down in Mexico.

We get to have an in-depth look to see if these proposed solutions and projects would really be worth the time and money that we are spending on it. Would it really work? Would these make a difference and would they really be able to cancel out our carbon footprint?

Dispatches: The Great Green Smoke Screen will show us the real scoop about global warming, these projects that are under so much scrutiny, and what we could do individually to help this effort. Informative and interesting, this documentary film will take you on an educational journey like no other.

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