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Dispatches: How The Banks Never Lose

Another film from Dispatches, “How the Banks Never Lose” is an investigation into the root of what caused Britain to collapse financially. Who do you think is responsible for such a crucial event? This documentary might just be able to point fingers to some probable culprits.

Number one on the list are the high level executives from prominent banks that have either stood by to watch the damage being done or caused it in the first place. If they did, would they ever admit it? Would they be held accountable for the great collapse that has rocketed mortgage rates, leaving many citizens without a home? Surely they would have taken a thing or two from the experience of the Northern Rock crisis.

A survey of bank lending rates gives us a clue at the strategy that these banks are employing to bounce back from the setbacks they have incurred from the crisis at hand. Taking a few points from these insights, the film suggests some good tips on dealing with higher interest rates. It gives viewers a chance to manage their finances and do their own banking in a crumbling economy.

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