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Crash: How Long Will It Last?

If you still think that the UK is on top of the financial game, Crash: How Long Will It Last will tell you otherwise. This documentary is the sequel of a two-part special by Dispatches where Will Hutton probes and investigates Britain’s recent economic history – how it soared to great heights and dove down so dramatically.

There were those who had the insight about the unexpected collapse. However, no one took heed of their warnings and they were shunned for even bringing up such allegations. With everyone with their head in the clouds of a (then) flourishing economy, no one anticipated and prepared when Lehman Brothers hit rock bottom, pulling down the economy with them.

Desperate, the government tries to keep the pieces of the Britain’s banking system intact but their efforts, which may seem to lessen the impacts, are futile. The government, the banks and regulators mostly disregarded the warning signal that rang loud and clear when Northern Rock collapsed a year earlier. And it was getting too late when they noticed that many collapses would soon follow. As Hutton traces the downward spiral that the UK’s economy has followed it only leaves the rest of us questioning when it will ever end.

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