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Millions of advertisements are visible through various channels. Marketing strategies of manufacturers and business firms are shown 24/7 across the internet, television and radio commercials, newspapers, and any other platform you can possibly think of. This is what has molded our minds into the world of consumerism and it has an effect on how we live and relate to other people. We have become too concerned about our status and how we are perceived by society rather focusing on developing a stronger sense of self and establishing meaningful relationships with others.

“Consumed” is a detailed documentary film that investigates how consumerism has greatly influenced the way society thinks and acts. It presents how consumerism has taken over our lives without us even being aware of it.

Today, the social status of a person is measured by how much one can afford on material possessions. From music to TV, radio to print, commercialism has been glamorized, leading most people into believing that the more money we spend, the greater the respect earned. Consumed gives viewers a detailed look at how pop culture and Hollywood contributed to widespread mentality of spending more, particularly in western culture.

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