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China Rises: China or Bust

The US and UK, considered as two of the most powerful countries in the world are no longer dominating the global economic market. Emerging economies from the East are taking control of different industries including the economic powerhouse China.

Over the years, China has not only grown stronger politically but also economically, becoming one of the fastest rising among other developed countries. Investors are taking their businesses to China because labor is cheap. Unfortunately, Chinese business owners are no easy-pickings.

Tony Caldera is a British executive who once owned the biggest cushion factory in Europe. But because of the cheaper products imported by the Chinese, the demand for higher quality products was diminished significantly. When the demand for his products waned, hundreds of his employees are leg go because they could no longer complete with the the inexpensive cushions brought by the Chinese entrepreneurs.

Tony came up with a very risky solution. He borrowed two million pounds and decided to build a factory in the middle of a paddy field in China. He went to Linping, which is considered the capital of the textile industry in China. However, Tony was aware that he needed a good Chinese business partner in order for his plan to succeed. He met a woman called Miss Di who convinced him that she would help him with his business if she gets a 30% of the company. Miss Di was the one who looked after the building of Tony’s textile factory. When she invited Tony to check on the construction, everything were extremely below his standards. As bold as his business decision was, his dreams of again dominating in the industry he was in has become even bleaker than ever.

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