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Banking With Hitler

According to the investigation by the United States Secretary of Treasury Henry Morgenthau, there were over 300 Swiss banks that collaborated with the Nazis during the time of the Second World War. Initially, it was only the Swiss who were accused of such. But after Morgenthau’s further investigation, information regarding the involvement of several American and British bankers came to surface.

Banking with Hitler is an investigative documentary that shows us the details of the involvement of several banking magnates in Adolf Hitler’s invasion and their support for his racial mission. As it turns out, a lot of the people seated in high places in these banks were either Nazis or good friends with influential Nazis.

Morgenthau continued his investigative effort in uncovering names connected to this issue until the death of President Roosevelt in 1945. Not only did he lose a president, he also lost his biggest protector from the big names that he was exposing. This documentary follows the collection of work by Morgenthau with exclusive interviews with the few surviving members of his team and the banking families that were involved.

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