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Warren Buffett Revealed

Warren Buffet is an American business mogul who is the epitome of success. Despite his billion dollar business ventures, Buffet is known for being hands on with managing his organizations. He is a primary shareholder, chairman, and CEO of one of the biggest business organizations in the world, Berkshire Hathaway. Buffet is admired for his boldness, his cunning in the trade industry and his philanthropy.

But beyond the wealth, Warren Buffet made headlines for pledging virtually 99% of his properties to charity. This film offers an intimate look at the most respected businessman in the country, noting his for his humanitarian efforts in partnership with other billionaires who donate a significant amount of their fortune to various causes. The documentary also feature interviews of people close to Buffet and stories as told by Microsoft founder, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet’s own daughter, Susie Buffet.

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