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The Two Escobars

“The Two Escobars” is a documentary centered around two famous personalities sharing the same surname. The first is Pablo Escobar, who is one of the richest, most powerful drug kingpins in the world. Pablo Escobar was the head of the Medllin Cartel and was said to be a ruthless leader with an insatiable appetite for destruction. The other person is Andres Escobar, a Colombian soccer player who was an inspiration to his native country. Though they have the same surname, they were not related to each other. However, destiny would have them meet a dark fate that would lead to a fatal result.

Pablo Escobar funded the Colombian national team that Andres was playing for. This helped them become the South American champions and they were heavily favored upon against the United States team. Soccer experts even claimed the Colombians will be the one to conquer the 1994 World Cup which was held in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, Andres committed one of the biggest mistakes in his career. He scored a goal that led to the elimination of his team from the competition. Andres was found dead shortly. Some believed his death was connected to his ill-fated goal at the FIFA World Cup where powerful drug lords were said to be unhappy about the game results. The film reveals the link between sports and organized crime, a glimpse of the underlying politics and violence between athletes and the Colombian drug cartel.

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