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The Rockefellers

Considered as one of the first American billionaires, John Davison Rockefeller Sr. is one of the most successful oil and kerosene distributors in early history. In an era where everyone was fighting to gain control of the railroads, Standard Oil formed an affiliate company that will be able to monopolize the freight rates, which earned the ire of the public.

In a bid to give back, John Rockefeller Sr. turned to philanthropy, giving away more than half his fortune until he passed away. However, despite his many acts of kindness, the public still view the Rockefellers as greedy businessmen that utilize unfair or under the table dealings to monopolize the economy.

John Rockefeller Sr.’s son, John Rockefeller Jr. tried every possible to disassociate the Rockefeller name in negative light, giving away millions to different charities and institutions. He also gave strict directions to his six children that they should always be in their good behavior reminding them that they are always being observed by the public.

In many ways, the Rockefeller helped the American economy particularly in eras where the country was struggling. The efforts of John Rockefeller Sr. and John Rockefeller Jr. did not go to waste as the name Rockefeller where once again loved by the public for funding and supporting various causes.

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