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Spartacus – Behind The Myth

The Roman Empire was one of the greatest and most influential civilizations in history. It was well-known for both it’s autocratic form of government and it’s vast territories and lands. One of their biggest source of pride was their immensely powerful army. But history was made when Rome’s mighty army was taken down by an unlikely warrior and hero, Spartacus. He was able to achieve what thousands before him weren’t able achieve, making him a legend to this day.

This documentary entitled Spartacus: Behind the Myth is a one-hour ride into one of history’s most amazing legends and heroes. Get ready to discover more about Spartacus and his unknown origin and early beginnings. We get to see more of his tactical genius in action through various detailed historical accounts and re-enactments. We also get to delve deeper into the mystery surrounding his death.

With the help of leading historians, psychological profilers and other top experts, we would get to know the man behind the legend. We get to understand the way he thinks and how this has brought him close to crushing the entire Roman Empire.

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