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Seeking Elvis

35 years after his death, Elvis Presley is still considered the undisputed king of rock n’ roll. His music, his tumultuous career and his personal demons made Elvis Presley an intriguing figure in American music history. Long after his death, people are still raking in big bucks over Presley’s music and persona. From the “Dead Elvis”, Elvis Presley Enterprises (EPE) selling memorabilia to Elvis impersonators in Vegas, the memory of the King of rock n’ roll remained unfading 35 years after his death. Tours are offered to fans to show them how The Great One lived his final seven years and this draws the ire of the EPE which is why they do not endorse the California house to others.

“Seeking Elvis” details the influence that Presley still has today, how his music shaped the modern generation, and his struggles with substance abuse which inevitably led to his death. The film was shot in the Chino Canyon home of Elvis in Palm Springs.

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