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Secret Lives: L. Ron Hubbard

Secret Life is a biographical documentary by Channel 4 about the life and career of L Ron Hubbard, most famously known as the Sci-Fi author and creator of the underground Scientology cult. We get to see some never before seen archive interviews with Hubbard and other people who got to work with him.

There are insider information that you only get to see in this documentary such as his worsening manic-depression and the alleged use of drugs not only on himself but on his family. We also get to look further into the said hatred he had for his son Quentin’s homosexuality and how it possibly led to his son’s suicide.

The Church of Scientology has been producing a number of official biographies about Hubbard which present him to be this eccentric and multi-faceted individual. But there are also numerous biographies out there outside the Church that are written by former scientologists and independent journalist that paint a much darker picture of this bizarre leader.

Definitely one of the most controversial public figures of his time, this documentary will delve deeper and will attempt to understand the eccentricity and intrigue that surround the life of L Ron Hubbard.

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