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Mega Man

Beleaguered file sharing magnate, Kim Dotcom and his Megaupload cofounders will be the subject of a documentary, which will be co-produced by actor-producer Donovan Leitch. The documentary with a working title depicts the indicted file-sharing mogul’s $500 million copyrights claims as well as a look at the special forces raid on Kim Dotcom’s house last year in connection with his copyright infringement case.

Kim Dotcom claims that they were a target of the US government conspiring to make a scapegoat out of Megaupload. His file sharing site allegedly netted over US$175 million. To date, Kim Dotcom and his associates are slated to be extradited on money laundering, copy right infringing and racketeering charges from his how shuttered Megaupload website. The film also captures personal excerpts from the self-styled tycoon and his claim to charge the internet though protection of online privacy.

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