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Last Days

Gus Van Sant is a critically acclaimed film director best known for Good Will Hunting and Milk. In the Last Days, Gus Van Sant tells the story about the death of legendary music icon Kurt Cobain. Only in this film, his name isn’t Kurt but Blake. And instead of the suicide happening in the greenhouse in Seattle, it occurs in a greenhouse in the upstate part of New York.

With his unique vision and artistry, we get to experience Van Sants vision and how he depicted Kurt Cobain’s final, lonely moments. There is this one shot where the camera lingers on some completely random foliage outside Blake’s mansion. Then he makes cereal and sits on a bench and mumbles random dialogue to a Yellow Pages ad salesman. Or we could be looking at a scene where he just collapses while he’s watching a Boyz 2 Men video.

There is a short appearance of Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon who plays an interventionist role that she must have also have played with the real-life Kurt Cobain. Throughout the film we get to witness an accumulation of seemingly small moments that would appear to be random but are all part of the much larger picture that Van Sant is trying to paint. He is trying to show the sense of dread coupled with the sad inevitability that was in Cobain’s life.

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