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Kurt Cobain: The Early Life Of A Legend

The iconic grunge band Nirvana consisted of bassist Krist Novoselic, the longest-lasting drummer Dave Grohl and guitarist, lead singer and main songwriter Kurt Cobain. The band released their first album Bleach at 1989, but it wasn’t until Smells Like Teen Spirit that Nirvana was able to capture their world-wide audience.

Kurt Cobain became really famous following the band’s success and was even called “the spokesman of a generation”. Aside from being made famous by his music, Kurt was also known to be suffering and struggling with a heroin addiction. There was also a struggle within him in terms of handling his fame and all the pressure that it puts on him and his wife Courtney Love. On April 8, 1994 he was found dead at his home with the official cause of death to be suicide by a self-inflicted head shotgun wound.

This documentary film features the life of Kurt Cobain, with personal accounts and exclusive interviews from his family, his wife, band members, friends and a number of people how were close to him.

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