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Kasparov and The Machine

Garry Kasparov is a chess Grandmaster that was hailed to be the greatest chess player in history. He was a former World Chess Champion and holds numerous records to this day. But the chess world got to a buzz when in 1997 he lost a game against IBM’s computer Deep Blue.

Kasparov and The Machine gives us an insider look at the match and all the spectacle that surrounded it. We get to see things from Kasparov’s point of view during the match that gave his career an unexpected blow. We also get to hear from experts as they try to look at all the aspects of the game; the psychological impact, the paranoia down to the suspicion about IBM’s real tactics.

This documentary gives us exclusive access to the original footage of the game plus one on one interviews with Kasparov, his manager, the members of the IBM Deep Blue team and a number of chess experts helping us have a better understanding of that eventful match.

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