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Janis Joplin: Her Final Hours

She was a person who lived to do whatever she believed would make her happy. She was the epitome of a female rock star and her music is every bit the reflection of the genius that is Janis Joplin. Am absolute free spirit, Janis Joplin was considered the queen of Rock n’ Roll. However, it was also her devil-may-care attitude that led to her demise. She had a brilliant mind and great artistic sense. Despite all the fame and fortune, she has always seeking solace, often trying to escape the limelight.

Janis reportedly died after shooting up nearly pure heroin, putting an abrupt end to a promising music career. The film gives a personal look at the late artist, her life on and off the camera, leading up to her sudden demise. The documentary also tackles one of the biggest questions about Janis Joplin, what was the real cause of her death?

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