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Gaga by Gaultier

Considered as one of the hottest pop stars today, Lady Gaga made a mark in the music and entertainment industry for her music down to her high fashion looks. A true diva in every sense of the word, Lady Gaga has worn some of the most controversial garbs like the infamous meat dress or the Hello Kitty inspired haute couture gown.

It’s not surprising that Lady Gaga made an unlikely friendship with renowned designer, Jean Paul Gaultier. Both personalities are freethinkers bent on breaking the boundaries of fashion and style. In this interview, Lady Gaga recalls the early struggles of her music career and the challenges that came with the changing trends in the music business. Gaga tells stories of her fantasies that she is able to turn into reality and how her uniqueness makes her a great entertainer. She also discusses her special friendship with Gaultier who considers Gaga as his muse.

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