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Fred & Rosemary West: The House of Horrors

English serial killer Frederick Walter Stephen West and his wife Rosemary terrorized young women, raping, torturing and murdering girls from 1973 until 1979. Initially, Fred acted alone but in a sick twist, his wife joined in on the carnage. . Only 11 have been recorded in history but it is believed that they may have killed more girls during their lifetime. It was also reported that Rosemary West murdered Fred’s stepdaughter Charmaine who was the biological daughter of his first wife. This took place while he was serving a prison sentence for theft.

It has been said that the murderous couple performed their evil acts first in their home at 25 Midland Road and continued when they transferred to 25 Cromwell Street, Gloucester.

Fred and Rosemary West were caught and charged only in 1994 where Rosemary was given life sentence in November 1995 for the murder of 10 people. On the other hand, Fred West was never convicted for any murders as he committed suicide even before the court came to a decision 10 months prior. In 1996, their house in Gloucester was demolished and the lot was turned into a landscaped footpath that connected St. Michael’s square to the street.

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