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Elon Musk Profiled

Listed as one of Bloomberg’s Risk Takers and one of the most successful entrepreneurs out there at the age of 40, Elon Musk is definitely starting to become unreal. Co-founding the heavyweight companies PayPal, Space Exploration Technologies and Tesla Motors, it is safe to say that this man has revolutionized our way of living.

PayPal has forever changed the way we do transactions. It has made it relatively easier and more convenient for us, and that’s all thanks to Musk’s genius. He can definitely be called a risk taker. And so far all the risks he has made turned out to be the right ones. He has gained US$1.5 billion in stock when he sold PayPal to eBay and since then has founded Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) that was able to secure a deal with NASA in 2008 to replace the cargo transport.

Elon Musk has achieved so much since he was 23 when he created, and sold, his first company for a whopping US$300 million. He is basically unstoppable. And we can all be sure that this isn’t the last that we would hear about this inspiring businessman.

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