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Dispatches: Beneath The Veil

On November 16, 1999, the Taliban at the Ghazi Sports Stadium in Kabul, Afghanistan executed an unidentified woman in public.. Dragged across a football pitch in front of more than 30,000 viewers, her identity was hidden behind the blue burka she wore. It’s was a chilling scene caught on film by Channel 4 for their 2001 award-winning documentary entitled “Beneath the Veil”.

The name of the woman was later disclosed as 35-year-old Zarmina. Zamina is a mother to seven children and she was executed for the murder of her husband.

Renowned documentary filmmaker, Carla Garapedian travelled to Afghanistan to shed light on Zarmina’s life story as well as to reveal whether the war against terrorism became instrumental to improving women’s welfare in the country. The film reveals that Zamina was a victim of an abusive husband and had gone through unfair trial led by a mercenary group. Zarmina was accused by her husband of committing adultery and was blackmailed into submission lest she be executed by the Taliban. Scared, Zarmina killed her husband by crushing his skull with a mallet. Her husband’s death led to her own. She was imprisoned with her twins for three years before she was subsequently shot to death.

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