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Darwin’s Struggle – The Evolution of the Origin of Species

It was in 1859 that an English Naturalist and Geologist, Charles Darwin broke grounds with his controversial book, The Origin of Species. Considered as one of the pioneers of modern biology, Charles Darwin claims that evolution that evolution of different species changes with every generations passed. The book claims that these changes happen through natural selection and it provides proof that life came from different branches of evolution. His book provided its readers with a clear picture of how the natural world adapts to the challenges of life and its journey towards death.

The Origin of Species took two decades to finish and the documentary provides an in-depth look at the challenges Charles Darwin has gone through while writing the book. The book, which broke new grounds in biology, was created with much eye-opening ideas and observations by the author. Writing the book proved to be just as challenging, the film features all the mental and emotional struggles of Charles Darwin. The film also contains numerous accounts from his private notes and letters including footage and pictures.

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