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Bob Dylan: Don’t Look Back

The classic documentary film “Don’t Look Back” depicts the major transition of iconic singer/songwriter, Bob Dylan from being a folk singer into a rock legend during the mid-60s. The film, which was shot during Bob Dylan’s UK concert tour in 1995, reflects the diamond in the rough persona of Dylan in all its black and white glory. The documentary gives a look back at the inner workings of the people behind the legend, his promoters, right down to the journalists that are riding the tailcoat of Dylan’s success.

But more than weaving a story behind the artist at the peak of his career, the documentary humanizes an otherwise legendary rock star. From the chaos behind his concert tour as well as his memorable jousts with fans, his own entourage, and other artists, Don’t Look Back is a must-watch for all hardcore Bob Dylan fans particularly for its series of live solo performances, a peek at what goes backstage and the medley of awe-inspiring music written and performed by Dylan.

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