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Barrack Obama Biography

For current United States president Barrack Obama, the journey to becoming the head of the strongest state in the world wasn’t without its own challenges. President Barrack Obama’s political career reached a milestone during the 2004 Democratic National Convention where he became the elected Illinois senator by a huge margin.

Barrack Obama the Biography was filmed prior to the commencement of his 2008 presidential campaign. His winning the Presidential race was a moment in US history for breaking the barriers of racial discrimination in the country. The film gives us a look back at Obama’s childhood with heartfelt interviews with his childhood friends and siblings.

In the documentary, Obama is seen starting his political career as a mixed-race activist who can’t seem to fit in. A son of a Kenyan man and a white American woman, Obama was raised in Hawaii but later moved to Indonesia. It was when he migrated to Asia did young Barrack saw the poverty surrounding the neighborhood he lived in. He moved back to Hawaii as a young adult and started attending law school at Harvard University. It was during this time that Barrack got interested in serving the public as a political figure.

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