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Aleister Crowley – The Other Loch Ness Monster

Aleister Crowley was a known occultist and ceremonial magician who founded the religion and philosophy of Thelemia. He first began studying mysticism with Arthur Edward Waite and William Butler Yeats who later on became his enemies. He was later introduced to the ideas of Buddhism by his friend and former associate at the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, Allan Bennett.

Crowley came into owning the Boleskine House located in the shores of Loch Ness in Scotland sometime in 1899. A lot of his associates in the Golden Dawn such as Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers, who was at that time the acting leader of the organization and his early mentor, became his enemy. During his stay in the Boleskine House he wrote a book entitled Moonchild portraying his real life enemies Waite and Mathers as primary villains in the story.

In the late 1900s during the schism in the Golden Dawn, he decided to travel to Mexico and continue his magical studies on his own. In 1901 he claimed to have reached a state that he called dhyana after practicing Raja Yoga for a while. According to him dhyana is one of many states of unification in thoughts. He described this further in Magick. The next year he wrote an essay entitled Berashith where he claimed that meditation is the means for him to attain his goal. He also described in the essay an array of ceremonial magick as a means of training a person’s will. He believed that through ritual, a person can direct their thoughts in any given object.

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