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A Tribute To Ryan Dunn MTV Special

Ryan Dunn was a famous by the reality star and stunt man. He first started his career with friend Bam Margera as members of the CKY Crew where they performed extreme stunts and pranks on camera. This later led to and gave birth to what we all know as Jackass, one of MTV’s most famous reality shows.

Their popularity was so great that it lead to the production of three Jackass feature films. Outside MTV, Ryan Dunn has also starred in a few films including Blonde Ambition, Homewrecker and many more. His career was on the rise until his untimely death in 2011. He got involved in an alcohol-related vehicular accident where he and his friend and production assistant on Jackass Number Two Zachary Hartwell died.

This film is a tribute put together by friends and family to both Ryan and Zac. With never-before seen footage and some behind the scenes extras from Jackass, the members fondly look back at their fun memories together.

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