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Your Ticket to Success: Tips to Becoming More Productive

success4The world we all live in is in a perpetual state of hurry. Everybody wants instant results while expending less effort. This is because we all have so much going on in our lives in one time. We sometimes overestimate ourselves until it becomes too late. It’s not that we can’t do what we set out to do, because we can. But we can only give so much of our time, effort and attention on a number of things at a time. And if we take on too much responsibility at once, these tasks would tend to pile up on us until we are left in an overwhelmed and anxious state.

In everything we do, we should always give it our best efforts. And we can’t do that if we are attending to multiple things at once. Quality will always be better than quality, and it sure is true in this case. So to help you become more productive and to ensure that you produce quality work, here are a few tips that you should definitely take note of:

One step at a time. This should be easy enough to follow and can definitely be applied to various situations. When you handle things, it is important that you do so in an organized manner. Taking things step by step allows you to be able to focus your attention on all the aspects and facets of what you’re doing. This, in turn, allows little to no room for mistakes or errors. So as you proceed to the next step, you have full confidence that you have successfully finished that particular stage.


Stay focused. We have this thinking that the more things you can accomplish in a given time, the better. Although it has it’s certain benefits, recent studies have showed that to be more effective and to produce better results in your work, it is best for one not to do multi-tasking. This is because the amount of focus that we put on a particular task will be lesser when we multi-task. That makes sense, because you are not only thinking about one thing, there are other tasks that you are doing that would also need your attention. So to become more productive, you should focus and tackle one task at a time.

Learn to prioritize. In each of our individual journeys, we would be able to encounter a great deal of opportunities and tempting propositions. What most people do is they jump directly into an opportunity that comes their way, without even thinking things through. We should learn to think and prioritize what to take on and what to turn down. We should focus on the goal that we’ve set and base our decisions there.

Becoming more productive may actually be much easier than you think. All you need is the right amount of discipline, patience and focus. We all have the capacity to succeed in our chosen fields. If others were able to do it, why can’t we?

by: Jeffrey Slayter

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