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Why You Should Get Off Your Comfort Zone NOW

comfort2Most people think twice about getting off their comfort zone because it’s where we feel at home the most. We love the
ed over time.

Taking risks isn’t so bad. For example, say you are accustomed to doing the same set of exercise routine for months. At first, you see results. But after a while, you hit the inevitable plateau. Eventually, the same workout no longer works. You introduce a new set of exercise and you shed more pounds. This illustrates how something new can do a body good. This can be applied in life too. Today, we are listing down reasons why you should muster up the courage to get off your comfort zone and try something new.

Risks Creates Opportunities

Whenever we try new things, we also create new opportunities for ourselves. This includes moments like changing professions, acquiring new skills, or meeting new people. The example above is an instance when changes are needed to get the desired results.

You should not wait for success to come to you. Instead, you should go after it. You cannot expect success to fall on your lap, you have to make things happen. You can create an endless stream of possibilities when you leave your comfort zone. This will allow you to awaken all your hidden potentials to help you become a better version of yourself.


Being Too Careful May Lead to Negative Results

There are times when playing it safe does more harm than good. Change is inevitable, learn to adapt, don’t fight it. There are no stopping changes from coming to our lives. Life is not static, so are you. Although change is scary, we need to realize that it allows us to grow. By learning how to accept change and adapt well, we can decide how successful our lives can be.

Mistakes are Meant to Make Us Better

If you are afraid of failure, you should remind yourself that people learn because of mistakes. Even if you take a risk and fail, you gain knowledge because of the experience. When the same thing happens again, you know what you need to do in order to prevent the same mistake again! That’s how it is!

Learning leads to self-growth. Your fear of failure is inhibiting you from achieving your fullest potentials. Finding the positive in every mistake will eventually help you overcome your fear of failure. Being able to tell yourself that you learned because you tried is a priceless reward for anyone.

by: Jeffrey Slayter

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