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Unlocking The Power of the Mind: Achieving Your Perfect Self

perfect-selfIt has been previously discussed that our being is made up of four parts consisting of the mind, the body, soul, and the subconscious. Although these parts are specifically designed for different purposes, they can and should be used in relation to each other in order to achieve our perfect self. Today we will dissect each part of our being and discover how each one plays an important role in our lives. We will start with the mind.

We, as human beings, have the incredible ability to train our minds to our advantage.  Just like how soldiers or athletes prepare themselves before facing their foes or competitors, our minds too can be trained according to their functions in order to achieve the perfect versions of ourselves. Enumerated below are the three major psychological functions of the mind:

Our Mind Form Our Reality

Every thought, view, principle, and belief created by our mind produces vibrations of energy which is transmitted throughout the universe. Because of our mind’s intention and repetition, these vibrations of energy are turned into reality which is manifested through everything that surrounds us. These include the material objects such as chairs, tables, stars, trees, mountains, and anything you can touch. But more than that, our thoughts are also what create the circumstances and experiences we go through during our lifetime. This means that by constantly thinking of certain things, we make them take form in reality.


The Power of The Subconscious

By regularly suggesting or mentioning something to our mind, it accepts any belief, thought, or pattern. This may then be stored and processed by our mind into our reality which is why it is highly imperative to keep ourselves aware of what we are thinking. We must train our minds to think of more positive and productive thoughts and avoid thinking about negative thoughts which can bring us fear, sadness, and worry. When we think positively, we generate and attract positive results whereas when we think negatively, we tend to attract misfortune and roadblocks to our goals. When our mind emit positive vibrations of energy which will guide us to become our perfect beings.

We Can Will Ourselves to Success

By using our will and imagination together, our mind can create incredibly strong vibrations of energy. If you know exactly what you want to achieve in life, all you have to do is project yourself achieving this goal and willing yourself to make your dream a reality. Let your will be a strong guiding force for you in order to help you pick the right decisions so you can accomplish anything you want.

Our mind is indeed a powerful part of our being. However, it must be stressed that our mind should not define our entire being. Our entire being consists of four equally essential parts which should work harmoniously together and the mind is just one of them. There is also the soul, body, and subconscious.

Several of us tend to forget that the mind is the most valuable part of our being. Imagine living without your hands and your feet. Although it is possible for you to achieve great things, there will always be a feeling of being incomplete no matter what. This is because we need to have every part of our body in order to feel totally complete. In the same manner, we can only achieve the perfect versions of ourselves if all the four parts of our being are present and are integrated to each other. This will make it easier for us to reach our highest potential for greatness.

Now take the time to reflect on these psychological functions of the mind. Try to incorporate them into your life and then learn to accept them truthfully. Once your mind and heart accepts these three functions, you will have a deeper understanding of your true self and see how great you can really be.

By: Jeffrey Slayter

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