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Unlocking The Limitless Potential of The Mind

human-mindIt is a fact that every human being can be more than what he thinks or believes he can be. Deep within every individual lies multiple potential for success and we have the key to explore and discover these opportunities. Somehow, each person has an idea of this truth but unfortunately most of us have no idea how we can reach our fullest potential.

Once a person becomes the perfect version of himself, he will be able to use both his conscious and subconscious minds in harmony to achieve any goals at hand. This will allow him to gain a more advanced perception and understanding of everything around him and even the things which may happen in the future. It doesn’t matter who you are, each one of us is capable of achieving our perfect selves. And when this happens, we can truly discover who we really are and what we can be.

Our being consists of four parts which attract and emit energy; the body, the mind, the soul, and the subconscious. By using these four parts, we can achieve a happier, fuller, and content life. These parts are specifically designed for different purposes and they are mean to be used in conjunction with each other. And once we learn how to do this, we’ll be able to reach greater heights.

The first step towards becoming our perfect selves is by accepting the fact that everything in the universe consist of energy. The chair you’re sitting on, the floor beneath you, the clouds and stars in the sky, every sound you are hearing right now, and even our own bodies, all these are by-products of vibrations of energy.


The second thing we need to know and understand in order to reach the perfect us is that even our very thoughts (including our principles, views, and beliefs) are produced through vibrations of energy. Even though we are unable to physically come in contact with our thoughts, they are the same thing as those that make up the physical side of the world. Because each thought our minds produce are made up of energy, they have the power to leave imprints in our lives which produce the events and experiences we go through. Our mind is so powerful that the minute discover how to control it, we will have the capability to foresee, if not dictate, how our lives will turn out to be. And when we learn to do this, we can know how successful or unsuccessful our lives will be in this world.

If you want to take on the challenge in order to become the perfect you, it would be best to prepare yourself by taking time to reflect on these two facts. Learn to absorb these into your full being until you can be absolutely sure that you believe them. Try to picture how you go through a normal day. Think of your daily routine and pay attention to every detail. In particular, try to find how these two facts apply to your life and the things you feel or do. Look for signs which distinguish how these facts affect your whole being.

When you’re ready, the next phase is to train yourself on how real humans should live. Unfortunately, our society has considered the mind to be the most valuable part of our being. But the truth is, the minds, body, soul, and subconscious are all equally important. We need to nourish all these four parts and learn how to use them in harmony. Doing so will lead us to the path of success and then we can become the perfect versions of ourselves.

By: Jeffrey Slayter

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