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Understanding the Five Levels of Personality

p5Each one of us has traits that make us unique from one another. Some people are eternal optimist with a sunny disposition in life while others are pessimists who view things differently than others. There are people who are hardworking, lazy, enthusiastic, motivated, or nonchalant.

Most people can’t help but wonder what kind of personality produces a successful person. What do the rich and famous have as an advantage over every other person who has to settle for meager or average conditions of living? In order to answer these, it is important to fully understand what personality is.

The personality of the common person is divided into five different levels. Each level is linked to each other as they spread out onto the next parts of the personality.

Level #1 Foundation of Core Values

The first level of man’s personality begins from the deepest part of his personality, which contains his core values. This area provides the initial stages of a person’s true personality. It dictates whether a man is a positive person or not and it can lead to the success of his long-term goals.

Level #2 Source of Beliefs

The second level contains the beliefs a person has about himself and everything else in the world. If a person has positive core values such as love and generosity, he will treat others in a positive manner because he feels that every person in the world is deserving of these positive core values. In turn, a person who believes in himself and becomes a good person towards other people will act in a more positive way. This positivity will lead to personal and professional success as the person learns to find the right opportunities and works on them.


Level #3 Plane of Expectations

A person’s beliefs will define the next level of his personality and this contains expectations. A person who has positive core values will believe that he himself is a good person. This belief will lead him to expect positive events to happen because he deserves them for being good. A person who expects good things to happen will become more enthusiastic and will keep an eye out for opportunities that can help him become more successful.

Level #4 Formation of Attitude

The next level of man’s personality is where attitude is formed. A person’s attitude is influenced primarily by the expectations he set and it becomes the external manifestation of his core values, beliefs and expectations.

A person who has positive core values and sees everything in a good light will believe that he has a chance of becoming highly successful in life. When this happens, this person will view every event that happens as something that takes him closer to his objectives.

If a person shows a positive attitude towards other people, he will be received with warmth and treated nicely by others. He will learn to enjoy life and look at things in a positive manner.

Level #5 Production of Actions

The final part of a person’s levels of personality are the production of actions, these are manifestations of the inner parts of us. Production of actions includes our values, beliefs and expectations. This means that any success or failure a person has is actually a reflection of what his inner personality truly is.

by: Jeffrey Slayter

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