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The Transformative Choice

Untitled-7Free will is the greatest gift man has ever been given. The power to make decisions, to be able to think for ourselves is truly a gift not fully appreciated. Because this gift is not fully appreciated many people do not make the choices that would have given a positive outcome in life. This total disregard to the power of our choices lulls us into a state of waiting. We wait for the time that we can change everything in a single moment.

People when faced with life’s challenges choose to wait and bear it until the moment that they can turn everything to their favor. What we do not know is that this change, this transformation we so greatly seek is obviously at our fingertips. This transformative change is within ourselves, the moment we are waiting for is the moment when you realize you should not wait. A state of inaction is not going to get you any closer to your goals. When you realize that only action will change things you realize that the transformative change is going to take time and effort.

Wanting a change is the indicator that the transformation has begun. The transformation then needs you to constantly choose the better choice. When choices are weighed and decisions carefully thought out you will consistently see an increase of positivity. When the happiness you receive from these choices mount up you train yourself to make the better choices as that will keep the happiness and the positivity coming. This may seem like tricking yourself but isn’t happiness all we really want in life?


When you realize that your happiness is in your hands, in the decisions you make you realize that your life is always in flux. The decisions you make are yours and yours alone. These decisions decide your life, when you realize your discontent it should be a sign that your transformation is at hand. Do not let the transformation get away from you; it is the only thing that is keeping us out of the rat race we have resigned ourselves to. The job that you are unhappy with, the boss you do not agree with and the partner you will choose to live with are your decisions.  People choose unhappiness or discontent often because this often seems to be the safer choice, understand that happiness and content are often the fruits of hard work and risk. Only when you take the reins when it comes to your life do you realize how to be happy.

Being positive and happy with yourself are fruits of this change, when you make your decisions for you and for your future. The change is not instantaneous, it may take time and it will take risk. Do not be discouraged when you come across a seemingly impossible situation where no decision seems to be right, surely fate would not let you fail horribly. In the end life is how you make it to be.

by: Jeffrey Slayter

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