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The Secrets To Living In the Moment

live2You’ve heard it time and again, the secret to happiness is learning to “live in the moment.” But what does that mean? How exactly can you live in the moment and find beauty in every second of your daily life? Consider these tips:

Stop Dwelling in The Past

Living in the moment means focusing on the “now.” And you can’t focus on the present if you keep looking back! The past will remain where it is, in the past. There is no point in being stuck and fretting over what might’ve been or what could’ve been. You might not be able to change the past but you sure can change your today. Don’t look back, welcome the present and learn to live in the “now.”

Living in the moment also helps decrease stress, lower blood pressure and even strengthens the immune system! Those are fantastic reasons to live in the present and stop wasting time trying to relive the past!

Be Appreciative For The Little Things

Admit it, sometimes even the smallest things can make us happy, a meaningful conversation with a friend, a good laugh shared with your kids, a walk with your pet after a long, stressful day at work. Appreciating the little things helps establish positive experiences and this is great for your health! Sometimes we lead life that’s so busy, we forget that even small things could do a world of good!


A good laugh can brighten even the dreariest of days. A simple smile is enough to lift the spirits, imagine if you share a hearty laugh with friends or loved ones.

A study done by Scientific American Mind reports that when we convey emotions through our faces, the brain reacts, affecting our state of emotion. For example, when we feel good, we smile. This action in itself lifts the mood instantly. And if you smile, you give the impression that you’re approachable and people will naturally gravitate towards you.


Be Kind

Selfless acts, paying it forward and all random acts of kindness, all these lead to a rich, fulfilling life! And you don’t need to donate a hefty sum of money on a charity to feel good about helping others (though that’s not a bad idea at all, if you have the money). Something as simple as offering someone your umbrella when it’s raining or opening doors to strangers, simple things like these will make you feel good and will uplift the spirits of those you come across with!

Show Gratitude
It doesn’t hurt to express gratitude, especially if you are blessed. Don’t forget to say thank you to those around you. If your boss gave you a new project to work on, say thank you, express your gratitude for a friend, say thank you to that waitress who gave your order on time. Who knows? Showing gratitude over the little things could brighten someone’s day! Don’t be shy about admitting that certain people in your life contributed to a beautiful, colorful present.

by: Jeffrey Slayter

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